Mama Speaks #27

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“Fixer Upper” is in my head; I want it to stop.

Part of parenting is being inundated with kid’s entertainment. The only problem with kid entertainment is that it’s typically super catchy, super annoying, and super repetitive.

This isn’t to say that “adult” entertainment isn’t catchy, annoying, or repetitive, but it’s hard to escape my toddler’s favorite songs or shows because they suck us in. Granted, part of that has to do with the fact that we sadistically seek them out to keep her happy, while the other part is that whomever created them hates parents and wants us to suffer.

But while we suffer, my daughter is in pure heaven when any song from Frozen graces the Pandora airwaves. She smiles joyfully, sings happily, and the parenting gods grace us with peacefulness for four minutes. And then we all go to sleep, and mama and papa wake up to make breakfast singing “Let it Go” and talking about fjords.