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9 Ways Toddlers Waste Water

It’s a well known fact that we Californians are suffering terribly because of the drought. My grass is turning brown and I live in constant fear that the water patrol will fine me for my errant sprinklers. The “record-shattering” El Niño that was hyped by nearly every weather expert also wasn’t nearly as “record-shattering” to us in SoCal as it was to our friends up north, nonetheless, it did keep my grass looking sharp this winter (and kept a few more dollars in my bank account). But, if the powers-that-be really really want to conserve water, they’d do one thing – figure out a way to explain to toddlers the perils of wasting water.

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The Toddler Paradox: Walking

I remember waiting in anticipation as Isabel began showing signs of movement. I mean, who knew how exciting seeing your kid roll from back-to-front would be? Then came the sitting-on-all-fours-rocking-back-and-forth that would eventually become crawling. And then we waited. And waited. And waited. Her first birthday came and went, and no walking. Little did we know, walking is one of the biggest tricks in the toddler rule book.

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Not All Toddler Noise is Bad

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From the moment I first met my daughter she was loud. Her small heartbeat was loud on the ultrasound; she entered the world screaming her head off; as an infant, she made it quite clear when she was hungry, tired, mad, sad, or gassy; and now, as a toddler, she can go from playful chatter box to screaming devil in 3 seconds flat. But despite the annoyingly loud moments, there are other times when her noises are comforting and almost reassuring.

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Mama Speaks #24

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Distraction eating should be an Olympic sport.

Mealtime with a toddler is always an experience. Sometimes it’s easy, and they eat whatever you give them. Other times, it’s a bit challenging, and they need encouragement or coercion. And then there are the times when they claim to be done before we’ve even had our first bite. It’s these times, where Olympic-level parenting kicks into gear.

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