King of Rest 2016

In my 2.5 years of parenting I’ve acquired many new physical and mental skills. I can cook dinner one-handed, survive Costco with a toddler, cruise the carpool lane at all times (yes, this is a skill), conduct conference calls holding a kid, concentrate amidst body-cringing screams, and sleep nearly anywhere.

That last skill is one I’d like to address with you today.

See, no matter how many cups of coffee I’ve drunk (drank?), how many hours I slept the night before, or if my kid, by-the-grace-of-god, let us sleep until 7am, I am still able to rest somewhere, and for that I announce my candidacy for King of Rest.

I’ve fallen asleep while playing with said child on her play mat (but never long enough for her to destroy the house). I’ve dozed off on the hard floor while my wife (god bless her soul) read stories before bedtime. I’m almost certain I’ve fallen asleep standing up after a late night + early wake-up call (which always seems to happen, amiright?). And I think I was asleep as our office intern asked me a question the other day, not 100% sure on that one.


Midday nap on the roof? No problem! And don’t even get me started on the ability of the swing to facilitate some Zs.

Like any King of Rest, I’ve learned how to take advantage of my situation. With Mama being extra tired during this pregnancy (ICYMI baby #2 is coming!) and us not willing to subject ourselves to unnecessary naptrums (nap + tantrum) on the weekends, we “created” the Family Nap. And let me tell you, it is A-MAZ-ING. Despite me practically hanging off the bed to make room for Mama’s special pillow and Isabel’s bed antics (I’ve developed tactics to handle this, too), everyone wakes up refreshed and able to survive the day; what was once a sometimes stressful situation, has become a rather enjoyable one for all of us.

Isabel has also recently embraced the concept of cuddling. Little does she know that the only reason we cuddle (ok, maybe not the only reason) is because we get to lay on a soft surface to rest. Toddlers can be whiny brats, but when she’s cuddling, she’s cute, calm, and content, which means we aren’t pulling our hair out, proving once again that rest is a key to our happiness.

Now, a good candidates gives it’s supporters collateral to spread the word – so here you go, your very own social campaign posters (right click + Save As to download).

king of rest roof

king of rest slide

king of rest swing

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I would like to thank the good folks at Life of Dad and Restsonic Mattress for being part of my campaign, because without them, my bid to be the King of Rest would not be possible.

Free donations to my campaign in the form of shares and tweets are much appreciated. Thank you, and sweet dreams. 😉

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