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Mama Speaks #23

mama speaks facebook complicated

I hated this stuff as a kid. Now, it’s like a warm blanket over my body.

Mrs. FWL is sooooo right. I don’t care what flavor cold medicine it was (in this case cherry), I agree that it was all gross. Taking cold medicine as a kid was like torture, despite the benefits it may or may not have had on my body. It only took 30 years to truly appreciate the wonderful effects of that red, coat-your-throat, alcoholy goodness.

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Worst Parenting Advice Ever

bad parenting advice

As soon as people find out you are having a baby, they are eager to give advice, whether or not it is actually solicited. In their defense they are just excited for you and have been waiting to share their acquired wisdom. And when said advice is first heard, it sounds glorious, as if each tidbit of top secret parent information will surely make our impending life change much easier. But alas, we soon learn that some is pure gold, some is pure crap, and the rest falls somewhere between helpful and cliche.

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Mama Speaks #7

mama speaks facebook complicated

If we were in a Facebook relationship, it would be ‘It’s Complicated’.

Mrs. FWL said this to Isabel yesterday on Father’s Day, and it couldn’t be more true sometimes.

We want them to nap, they want to play. We want them to eat food slightly chunky, they only eat pulverized puree. We want them to explore safely, they push the boundaries. We want them to sleep until at least 6:30 am, they are ready to go at 5:45.

If parenting teaches you anything, it’s that you are no longer in complete control. Sure, we establish routines and for a while they are great. And then the proverbial curve ball is thrown and any control we had is lost. We remember when naps were easy. But in the matter of a day, naps are now a fight to see who will break first. We stare at the baby monitor with bated breath hoping and praying the banshee level screaming, yet adorable sitting up (complicated, remember?) succumbs to weary eyes and tired lungs.

There is no handbook for this stuff, because it would be like using Wikipedia to get all your information about the world; part truth, part guess, no absolute certainty. And so we tweak our routines in an attempt to try and make the complicated less complicated.

And then take a walk to Starbucks.

Mama Speaks #2

mama speaks breastfeeding bottle

It’s like a war zone in there.

Isabel is now in her crib, sans swaddle. She is free. And she is crazy. Seriously, it’s crib gymnastics in there. The blanket is in one place, the lovey in another, her body is contorted in all directions, it’s a mess. We even had to install mesh bumpers because she was getting her arms stuck.

But’s its beautiful. Sometimes she sleeps like the famous statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil, with her arms out straight. Other times it’s as if she is making snow angels. But inevitably, she will rotate multiple times, flip from back to stomach, and even freak us out by covering her face.

It’s a beautiful mess and I can’t stop staring at the damn monitor.

Eat, Sleep, Poop: The First 100 Days

eat sleep poop first 100 days infographic breasfeeding

Everyone makes a big deal out of “The First 100 Days” of a President’s term. Well, Isabel runs our house, kind of like the President runs the country, so this is equally important. RIGHT?!?

A few days after we returned from the hospital, we downloaded an app that allowed us to track Isabel’s essential functions – eating, sleeping, and pooping. We all know a baby’s early existence is consumed by these activities, so we consumed ourselves with them too.

A few things to note as not all baby’s are the same, so while this probably isn’t the average for all babies, I imagine it is probably pretty close:

  • Isabel turned out to be a great night sleeper and she was sleeping through the night (ie. ~ 7pm – 4am) by about 5 weeks. Her napping was much less predictable (until recently).
  • Isabel breastfed exclusively until Mrs. FWL returned to work two weeks ago. Few bottles were used in relation to the number of feedings.
  • As new parents, we probably changed her diaper more than necessary, but oh well, she had a clean butt.

Behold the first 100 days (more or less) of Isabel’s life as  told through her eating, sleeping, and pooping.
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